The Ultimate Guide to John Wayne Airport (SNA) Airport

The Ultimate Guide to John Wayne Airport (SNA) Airport

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Have you heard of Orange County? You might be thinking that it is a place built with oranges where people might be only taking oranges. Is that true? Nah! This is a place in Southern California with much more to explore! Named after the area, the commercial airport was named “Orange County Airport” and the title changed to John Wayne Airport (SNA) in the year 1979. 

Do you have an idea of the importance of this John Wayne International Airport? This holds a key value in the county as it is the only commercial airport there and hence the locals are happy with convenient traveling options. Earlier locals must rush to Los Angeles or San Diego for commercial purposes. 

You should keep your local guide with you or at least have an airport map as the SNA Airport has 3 terminals and you may get confused. This blog post talks about tips, tricks, and much more than insider information for you.

John Wayne Airport (SNA) airport airlines

Ticketing Kiosks and Counters at John Wayne Airport (SNA)

As discussed earlier at the start of the blog, the John Wayne Airport has 3 terminals - situated in a single terminal building named “The Thomas F. Riley Terminal”. The 3 terminals are named Terminal A, Terminal B, and Terminal C and have their own defined purposes, entrances, and amenities. 


When you first enter the terminal building, your heartbeat resonates with the modernism and cool vibes of the internals. You get straight access to a wide range of services and luxuries for travelers. 


At the north end of Orange Airport, you will find the John Wayne Airport Terminal A. Through this terminal, you can catch several John Wayne American Airlines including Delta Airlines, American Airlines, and WestJet Airlines. 

In the middle of the John Wayne Airport, connecting Terminal A and C, lies Terminal B. Terminal B SNA houses United Airlines and Alaska Airlines through its ground. You may locate shops, and cafes at Terminal B if you need to shop or dine. 

The last terminal is the John Wayne Terminal C hosting 4 airlines including Frontier Airlines, Southwest Airlines, and 2 others. From this terminal, you can usually catch domestic flights but a few international flights are also available. 

John Wayne Airport (SNA) airport lounges


There are 3 lounges at John Wayne Airport (two airlines and one for military and related individuals). You can access the John Wayne airline lounges if you are having a flight from an airline or allies. 

American Airlines Admirals Club is located in Terminal A and all the associates of Admirals Club can enjoy their access. If the person is not an Admirals Club associate and is flying through any airline, can buy a 1-day pass to the SNA airport lounges. 

As you know, United Airlines operates through Terminal B, so they offer a United Club Lounge for their club members and passengers (first-class or business class only). If you are not one of them and still want to access the lounge then buy a same-day pass. 

Terminal B hosts another lounge named USO Lounge for military personnel. The lounge owns a canteen also where the troops and their families are offered snacks and drinks. 


John Wayne Airport (SNA) airport hotels


You can't always arrive or depart on time as there can be delays. Some flight delays are longer and you may need to stay at a hotel. So what are the options if you are looking for hotels in John Wayne Airport? These SNA Airport hotels will not just offer staying facilities but also traveling assistance along with other basic and advanced amenities. Let's get into the details of the top 5 John Wayne Airport hotels.


Hilton Irvine Hotel 


Within the range of a few miles from Newport Beach, you will locate the Hilton Irvine Hotel which is the nearest to Orange Airport. Hilton John Wayne Airport has something for everyone, like a business center for business personnel, a swimming pool for people looking for some water-based recreation activities, a fitness center for active lifestyle living individuals, and pet-friendly rooms for pet lovers. 

Hilton Irvine Orange County Airport guests can take advantage of shuttle services for traveling from and to the airport as well. It’s guaranteed that you will spend quality time there! 


Comfort Inn Hotel


It will take only a few minutes from any of the top attractions of Orange County to reach the Comfort Inn Hotel. Let’s suppose you are at OC Fair and Event Center… How much distance do you have to cover to reach here? Only five miles!! If you are in Orange County for a baseball match, then again it is a big opportunity for you as this hotel lies near Angel Stadium of Anaheim. Also, you would never leave SC without visiting Disneyland! Right? And luckily it is only eleven miles distance from the park to the Comfort Inn and Suites Orange County.

For enjoying harbor adventures, you should also choose this hotel as Newport Beach is in proximity to this hotel. Nearby lies the Balboa Fun Zone–which is again an attraction not to be ignored. There are so many more attractions to count that lie in proximity to the hotel including Corona del Mar State Beach, OC Museum of Art, etc. 

You should not also worry about roaming network packages running out as free WiFi is available! Dining at Hotel Terrace Santa Ana is also available a great option! 

Hyatt Regency John Wayne Airport Hotel


The Hyatt Regency John Wayne Airport Newport Beach is so big and houses three hundred and forty-three rooms and suites with big open terraces. Traveling from John Wayne Airport to Hyatt Regency is easy with shuttle services by the hotel. You can also use this service to go to shopping malls and restaurants nearby. The amenities at Hyatt Regency Newport Beach John Wayne include a swimming pool, fitness hub, cafes, and business spaces. 


Holiday Inn Hotel


Back in the year 2021, Holiday Inn Santa ANA Orange County Airport was renovated and thus now you will be satisfied with the comfort and luxury offered there. From Tuesday to Saturday, you can enjoy dining services at Toast to Toast restaurant at Holiday Inn Hotel. Like other top hotels, it also offers a fitness center for fitness-conscious individuals offering cardio setup as well. Throughout the year, you are allowed to enter the outdoor pool area if you like swimming. Holiday Inn Checkout time is 3:00 pm so you should keep this in mind while visiting the hotel.

Renaissance Hotel Newport Beach Hotel


The Renaissance Newport Beach Hotel has everything that other competitors are offering! These include an outdoor swimming pool, physical wellness center, free beverages, etc. The most interesting fact about  Renaissance Newport Beach Hotel is that they care about your recreational urges and thus offer you bicycles on rent and access to the tennis court. Also, you can avail of the services of a hotel spa there. If you are fond of American cuisine and cocktails then the on-site restaurant is the best option. 


Shopping In John Wayne Airport (SNA) Airport


No trip is acceptable or complete without a shopping experience! When you are in Orange County, you will surely be thinking about the airport shopping center nearby as you shouldn’t return without buying gifts. Well, you have some good options in the list of John Wayne Airport shops but the list is limited. Airport shopping gets easy when you know the best John Wayne Airport stores. South Coast Plaza and Fashion Island are the 2 top options for shopping near OC Airport. However, if you need travel accessories urgently, then head to the terminal shops. 

Brookstone Store


Near Gate 10 at the Departure level, you can locate Brookstone’s outlet. What you can’t easily find with other retailers–you get here very easily, for example, lifestyle travel gadgets, etc. Moreover, the products at Brookstone retail stores are of supreme quality and are very useful. 


Orange County Market Store


At the Departure level, pre-security, you can locate the Orange County Market store. You have a wide variety of products to explore at Orange County Market Place including newspapers, magazines, booklets, and junk food. Also, if you are looking for travel accessories, go and grab them. 


Rip Curl Store


I remember from my childhood when everybody loved to try surfing once in life while watching a dedicated cartoon series. If you are one of them and need to buy gear, then head to the Ripcurl store!! The Rip Curl Shop will have all that you need. If you are not a surfer, then you can explore the premium apparel. Where is this Rip Curl Outlet situated? Go and check at Gate 8 at the Departure level.

Tech on the Go Store


Apparel or accessories is not everything and you may prefer buying electronics. So what’s the best deal here? Contact Tech on the go store to buy headphones, audio devices, mobile phones, and accessories. Techs on the go are situated between gates 13 & 14 at the Departure level. 


John Wayne Airport (SNA)airport restaurants

Hunger can hurt you anytime and it gets awkward to manage at the airport. Well, SNA restaurants have the solution. 

California Pizza Kitchen

The Pizza Kitchen at California offers take-away food options and serves you pizzas, soups, fast food, and salads. If you are not up for a full meal, you should go there. 

Carl's Jr. / Green Burrito

Are you Ccrazing for Mexican cuisine? Have fun with Mexican fare at this spot! You will get mostly everything you are looking for from Mexico. 

Ciao Gourmet Market

Let’s try Italiano from Cia Gourmet Market as they offer packaged foods for travelers. You will find it super helpful as you might not have time to wait for freshly cooked food. 

Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

As the name shows, this place is for coffee and tea lovers. Whichever you prefer, go, grab, and enjoy the taste! 

Ducks Breakaway Bar

This is 2 in 1 option–both a bar and a grill. You can buy pub grub, salads, and signature cocktails from here. A giggly personality will surely love this suggestion. 

Farmer's Market

Grab salads, soups, and local cheese from this restaurant if you can’t wait for a meal to be cooked. Also, this is a good choice for weight conscious people. 

Hobie Sand Bar

Love beach stays? Go here and feel the aroma! The theme of the restaurant is inspired by the Hobie catamaran. Feeling mouth-watering? Hurry up! Go! 

Jamba Juice

One more spot for buying smoothies, juices, or shots on hot days. Yet winter is lasting, so do check this in summers when you go there. 

McDonald's McCafé

Looking for McDonald's taste? Have this on your list! You will get the very same taste as you enjoy at other branches. 

OC Pizza

Pizza lovers should come to this restaurant to taste their special pizza and should provide feedback. Also don't forget to drop feedback in the comment section so the readers can get benefitted. 


Qdoba is one of the restaurants that offer Mexican cuisines while allowing the customers to customize their tastes. This is a fast food restaurant and will make your taste buds super happy with their yummy recipes. 

Ruby's Diner

A diverse menu including burgers, smoothies, and snacks. Cinnamon rolls are their top-selling item. Just like the worth of Ruby's stone–the taste is worth paying. 

Starbucks Coffee

Those who love Starbucks coffee always try to buy from them when they feel the need as no other brand can satisfy their taste buds. So do visit this outlet. 

Stella Artois Belgian Beer Bar

Both local and domestic beers are sold here and you will find a very trendy experience with them. Get chilled and have fun at the airport! 

Vino Volo

Wine lovers will find it favorable as they serve both appetizers and full meals along with beverages. You can visit there with your family and look up for a deal. 


Above are a few of the John Wayne Airport restaurants you may try if you need them. John Wayne food options are very diverse and hence can satisfy your hunger well. Restaurants at SNA don’t encourage dining-in options and hence you have to grab your order and leave.


Things to do near John Wayne Airport (SNA)


Usually, people don't enjoy sitting inside the airport awaiting their flight…. They need some relaxing and enjoyable activities to get engaged in. There are many things to do near SNA, for example, you can use Go Disney shuttle services to visit Disneyland Resort and Park or visit Lyon Air Museum to explore a diverse collection of historic aircraft, rare vehicles, and memorabilia. If you have already visited there then go to Jack and Shanaz Langson Institute and Museum of California Art for a more exciting experience. 


Have you ever wished to fly in a helicopter? OC helicopters can fulfill your wish. You can go on a tour of OC if you have the budget! Or else try Rogue Aviation services or just simply go roam the airport to explore the different attractions. Keep reading about things to do in John Wayne Airport. 


Want to go out of the airport for some entertainment? Head to South Coast Plaza for luxurious shopping or fine dining. If you don't want to shop then visit Crevier Classic Cars to explore an extensive range of classic and exotic cars. You can’t drive the cars but at least can see and touch! 


You can refer to Joy Air Tours for a scenic exploration of OC if nothing above works. Well, you may still be looking for things to do in Santa ANA for free… maybe there is something–window shopping and roaming around!! Well, lastly, if you want to have full entertainment then never miss the opportunity to go to Segerstrom Center for the Arts where you will have concerts, Broadway shows and many more events to explore. This will surely be a good option! 

John Wayne Airport (SNA) Transportation


You will need transportation services from and to John Wayne Airport. You can grab a shuttle to John Wayne Airport if you like as shuttle services to John Wayne Airport seem affordable and reliable. However, there are other SNA transportation options available as well. First, decide whether you want public ground transportation or private ground transportation! Once you know your needs, you can look at the different options of John Wayne Airport transportation. In the upcoming paragraphs, you can read the details about both kinds of ground transportation. Whichever you like and what concerned you–do tell us in the comment section.

Public Ground Transportation at John Wayne Airport (SNA) Airport


If you want to travel with the public, you can avail shuttle services, taxi services, ride-sharing services, rental cars, and hotel shuttles. Isn’t this too much? It’s a good omen and you can choose any of these airport ground transportation options as you like. 


To and from the airport, you can either travel through shared-ride services, or shuttle services by different companies. Near the Riley terminal, you will find taxis parked at your service. On the Arrival level, you can spot John Wayne Airport taxi service



If you trust ride-sharing services then you have Uber and Lyft available! Use the apps and book your ride! However, you may like to visit counters or rental car companies using a rental car shuttle. 


If you are checking into a well-reputed hotel, they might facilitate you with shuttle services. Do ask the hotel administration if you need it. Ride to John Wayne Airport is easy with OCTA busses accessible at the Arrival level. 

Private Ground Transportation at John Wayne Airport (SNA) Airport


At John Wayne Airport (SNA), private ground transportation options usually include town cars, limousines, and private car services. Individuals seeking a customized and cozy mode of transportation frequently opt for these exclusive choices. 


If you want to arrive at John Wayne Airport in style and luxury, then you should opt for John Wayne Airport limo service. For example, you can go to their website or download their app and complete your booking in a few steps. LavishRide is the most trustworthy rental car services provider in Southern California. Depending on your budget and needs, you can manage transport through them. No matter who you are, you can also try executive car services and can hire a personal driver. You may like traveling in a Sedan, SUV, or limo. 


Do you know that you can also find a private airport shuttle John Wayne for your gang? A few companies are offering John Wayne Airport car service. Try a minibus or a van and let's enjoy the trip to the fullest. 


If you are a local sports team and are traveling across the cities for different matches, then for such larger groups–charter bus services are the best option. Just keep in mind that you have to make bookings when you are opting for private ground transportation. 

Additional useful information about John Wayne Airport (SNA) Airport


Maximum details are covered in the blog post previously and this section reveals a little more information so you don’t miss any! You might want to know about John Wayne Airport weather, where is the John Wayne Airport parking, and how you can get a John Wayne Airport map. Let’s read to the end! 


For flight passengers, short and long-term parking is offered at OC Airport. You will also find EV charging stations in the parking area. In short-term parking, you can have hourly or daily parking services while in long-term, you can park for as many days as you want. The parking fees are affordable! 


The weather at John Wayne Airport keeps changing! You can have online updates about the weather as well. Do remember that the air is very polluted and you should try for short stays if you are very sensitive to pollutants. 


It is very wise to keep an airport map with you while you are visiting there. As there are so many gates and security checks having a map will make it easy for you to know your route. Remember, you can easily get the airport map online! 


If you are a smoker, you will be able to find designated spaces outside terminals. For your information, they allow e-cigarettes. 


You will have no prayer area–a big drawback! ATMs are easily accessible. If you have a medical concern, you can also avail the facility of a doctor. Don’t expect long-term treatments as they don’t have a proper hospital–it's just a small clinical setup. 


You should leave for the airport with complete preparations. Check your luggage if it contains any prohibited items, and try reaching the airport 1 hour before flight time. 


If you need more information about John Wayne Airport services then do comment and your queries will be answered! 



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