Los Angeles Entertainment, Shopping, Dining, and Transportation

Los Angeles Entertainment, Shopping, Dining, and Transportation

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Los Angeles is a dream city for tourists and when you finally reach there–you should know what to do there. Do you know that if you research a little, you will find much more to count on? Let it be a cultural tour, an entertaining planned journey, a honeymoon trip, or just a surprise visit to L.A., you may have entertainment in Los Angeles in a variety of ways. Don't have money to explore the malls or clubs? Simply walk on the streets and let's mesmerize yourself with the stunning landscape views. Even if you are an old habitant of L.A., still you will find many more exciting things to do in Los Angeles in the upcoming vacations. Want to dine out? Want to have a walk around the top attractions? Want to shop? Interested in exploring the old heritage of the local area? Whichever of these interests you…. Read this blog post to have complete information about things to do in Los Angeles today. 


13 Things to do and Places to visit In los angeles

World famous park Universal Studios in Hollywood. Ball with the inscription at the entrance to the park

Continuing to the details let's talk about the places to visit in Los Angeles. Do you have an idea of any of the Los Angeles attractions? For a tourist, the most exciting thing is to learn about the best places to visit in Los Angeles before he/she thinks about something else. This section covers the details of tourist attractions in Los Angeles. Stay connected to stay updated so you can enjoy the most of your L.A. trip. 


  1. Universal Studios Hollywood


Hollywood fans exist universally!! It won't be a bad idea to enjoy the Hollywood vibes in Los Angeles. Are you ready for this stunning opportunity? Then do visit Universal Studios Hollywood attractions where you will find exciting theme park Universal Studios Hollywood rides, real studio visits, dining options, and cinemas. You and your family will have a unique experience here for sure! 


Have you heard of their Legendary Studio Tour? No? Then visit and explore it. Universal CityWalk will lead you to conclude your entertaining journey on a good note. Believe in your choice and remember that you will never regret wasting money visiting such an attraction! 


  1. The Getty Center


Are you a grass man? Meaning… you love greenery? If that is the case then here is the best choice for you! If you are in L.A. then don't forget to visit The Getty Center and relax in the lavish Getty garden. The fans of Monet, Van Gogh, and Cezanne will have a lot more to explore in the postmodern complex. Are you not excited to have a look at their masterpieces? Doesn't sound attractive? Well, if this doesn't excite you then head to the Cactus Garden to capture a wholesome view of the city. The local restaurant at The Getty Center Los Angeles will let you enjoy the local cuisine.


Visiting the complex is free of cost but you will have to pay parking rent for your vehicle. If you are working with a guide then also opt for a museum tour–an artful adventure! 


  1. Griffith Observatory


If you regularly watch Hollywood movies then you must have seen Griffith Observatory before. Can you name any of the movies where you can mention it? ‘La La Land’ is one from the list. From here you may capture the most iconic and spectacular views of the region. For a better experience, visit there near the sunset time as seeing a sunset from the Griffith Observatory will be a lifetime unforgettable memory. 


What's inside? Anything you can expect from an Observatory Los Angeles–planetarium and telescopes, etc. An exciting thing to learn is that there is no entry fee and you will have a large parking lot. For adventure-seeking tourists, it offers hiking trails and horse rides. 


  1. Petersen Automotive Museum


It is the top-rated Los Angeles car museum on the world map and offers you endless opportunities to explore automobiles. If you want to learn how it's impacting Global life and culture, then this is the chance you have been waiting for. From the entrance to the exit, and in between–there is a great display of twenty-five galleries in the Peterson car museum. Have you an idea of how many automobiles you can explore there? It's 350! Isn't Peterson Museum a thrilling opportunity for a tourist like you? 

  1. Battleship USS Iowa Museum


Has anyone taught you the story of the USS Iowa Museum? Or are you still not familiar with the record-breaking story of battleship Iowa? Putting it simply… It served the US proudly in World War II, Korea, and the era of the Cold War. So for this reason it has become an important tourist attraction. No matter how old you are and how many you are–you can equally enjoy the classic vibes of this outdoor museum. 


Did anyone tell you about the “Battleship of Presidents”? Hurry to the sailors of this Navy ship to learn about it. An experienced guide may help you get to the no-go areas and listen to the thrilling background story. Don't forget to take your camera with you as you will have much more to capture about Battleship Los Angeles. Virtual and in-person tours are the 2 options available. 

  1. Walt Disney Concert Hall


From the name, it gives you Disneyland vibes but actually, it's a bit different. People who have visited here consider it a top-class concert hall. Let it be a self-guided tour or an expert-guided–both will work for you at the Walt Disney concert hall. The beauty of the space is unmatched and thus holds your breath. If you are having your phone connected, then scan the audio tour–credit goes to John Lithgow. The tour will not be too long and just takes an hour. For your guide, there were docents posted throughout the Disney hall. Many of you may end up with the regret of not having access to the actual Disney concert hall. However, the tour will be an interesting experience with access to gift shops and restrooms. 


  1. Staples Center


Sporting and entertaining vibes originate from Staple Center Events in Los Angeles. Enjoy the complete variety of entertainment at Staples Center concerts while loving the additionals. Whether you were suggested to visit here or you are here to support your favorite football team–Staple Center houses much more for you as well. In the stadium, you won't worry about getting your favorite spot as all seats offer a new level of excitement and enjoyment for game lovers. Remember to have lunch or snacks before entering the stadium as better food options are outside. 


  1. Hollywood Sign


Los Angeles is blessed to have so many attractions but this is also true that you can not access all of these. Locate the Hollywood Hills Sign at the top of Mount Lee, which is 450 feet in length. It is a restricted property but still, you can enjoy the scenic beauty from 3 different spots. Firstly, go to Hollywood and Highland for an exciting experience if you have reached Hollywood. From here through Metro travel to Griffith Observatory and then head to the front lawn for a direct view of the Hollywood Sign. If possible, reach the interior of Griffith Park where you will get the best view. Don't know the directions? Trail signs will help you be amazed by the Los Angeles Hollywood sign


  1. The Grove


Apart from museums and parks, L.A. offers extended shopping hubs as well. Same as other shopping hubs, The Grove stores cover all the details. Let it be groceries, clothing, or accessories–you will get all the stuff from this single shopping hub. Visit The Original Farmers Market for a special experience buying groceries and food. You can dress yourself for the day from the fashion stores at very affordable rates. Luckily dining opportunities encompass a variety of nationalities including Americans, Italians, and Asians at the Grove restaurants. The thing doesn't end here and you can enjoy the Dancing Fountain magic also. So what are you waiting for? Hurry to the Grove Los Angeles!! 


  1. La Brea Tar Pits and Museum


Volcano gives you goosebumps but La Brea Tar Pits and Tar Pits Park will blow your mind as it is the only active excavation site! Aside from this, there exists the Museum which houses fossils, and zoological and botanical species discovered locally. If you have watched the movie “Ice Age” then you can relate to this spot and theme. Ice Age Encounters Show will make you experience the real aroma of Ice Age. The excavators are continuously working to uncover the mysteries hiding at La Brea Tar Pits. You can have a live view of how scientists are making it possible while having a walk around Lake Pit. Moreover, you can enter the La Brea Tar Pits museum without any charge. 


  1. Griffith Park


Right in the middle of the city, you will find a 4k+ acre rugged park named Griffith Park Los Angeles. Nothing can beat the green luxury of the hills of Griffith Park Hollywood so you must go there. Without worrying about the closed Griffith Observatory, do visit and enjoy hiking or driving to the Art Deco Dome. If you are not in the mood and just want to have a walk then listen to Ellen Reid’s Soundwalk as it very perfectly synchronizes with the location and your footsteps. If have time, study Griffith Park history. 

  1. Los Angeles County Museum of Art


The largest art museum in Los Angeles in the western USA is the L.A. County Museum of Art (LACMA), which was inaugurated in 1965. With more than 120,000 artifacts from antiquity to the present, it is a collection that reflects the diversity of cultures and the people who live in Los Angeles. With one of the most important collections in the world, LACMA Museum specializes in Islamic, Asian, and Latin American art. In addition to its physical displays, the museum hosts public events, research facilities, and digital projects that bring in over a million visitors a year. LACMA invites visitors to explore its wide range of offerings, which include exhibitions, tours, movies, concerts, and online resources. 

  1. Barnsdall Art Park


In L.A. East Hollywood District has a beautiful location–Barnsdall Art Park. You may locate the parking and art sites in the north. Here you will see how the historic architecture is preserved! You must attend Barnsdall Gallery Theater if you have any interest. The Barnsdall Art Center offers you a unique experience of history and classic architecture. 

8 Best shopping destinations in Los Angeles


Earlier in the blog you learned about the best tourist attractions in L.A. and now you will have complete details about shopping places in Los Angeles. Do you have any previous experience shopping in Los Angeles? Well this time, after going through this guide, your shopping Los Angeles tour will be memorable forever. So keep reading…


  1. Flower Market


If you don’t like flowers then skip this part and read next but if you are so attracted to the beauty of nature then let's talk about Los Angeles Flower District. Alongside Wall Street, you will find the biggest Los Angeles flower market. In this flower district, you will have a chance to see through different flower species–the ones you never dreamt of! However, you might not like the prices! 


  1. The Santee Alley


Another outdoor market in L.A. is Santee Alley. You will find a parking area as well and access is easy. Santee Alley Los Angeles is a good option if you are clever at shopping. The Alley Los Angeles encompasses different options including toy stores, clothing stores, accessory stores, etc. 


  1. The Original Farmers Market


Do you know that if I say that Original Farmers Market fits the proverb “Old is Gold” then it won’t be wrong! It is because people have liked it since 1934. Farmers Market is also counted as an L.A. top attraction due to the beautiful integration of stores and restaurants in this town square. From wherever you have come to L.A. the Farmers Market Los Angeles will serve you your local cuisines if you like. You may also buy organic food from here along with seasonal productions.  


  1. Westfield Topanga


Topanga Mall will leave you with a pleasurable vibe! All the Topanga Mall stores are filled up with varieties and people love the stock at Lego Stores. If you are driving around the mall, you will not have to pay the parking fee as only indoor parking is paid. A clean environment may also make you feel satisfied. The village of Westfield hosts this luxurious place! 


  1. Civic Center


The L.A. City Hall land houses the Civic Center hosting local and Federal buildings and being the only shopping building. Go to the 27th floor of City Hall L.A. if you want to see the place! Civic Center Los Angeles may attract those who know the idea behind this construction! If possible, then do visit the civic center park. 


  1. Grand Central Market


As the name shows–learn that it is a Grand shopping place being the center of shopping hubs. Getting to Grand Central Market Los Angeles is easy but be careful about the parking as it's always booked. If you miss the main parking, you can opt for street parking. The Los Angeles food market is a delicious place and lets you enjoy both wandering and dining. Central Market Los Angeles will give you an exciting experience! 


  1. Macy's Plaza


The Macy’s Plaza is always buzzing as it offers access to clothing, accessories, and groceries. If you like going downtown then do visit Macy's Los Angeles. The parking place is also fine so you can plan to go there occasionally. It is a huge plaza but you won’t find it noisy as it sounds quiet. So let's visit Macy's downtown Los Angeles and enjoy the peaceful vibes. 


  1. Melrose Place


Melrose Place Los Angeles shopping experience will indulge you in the lovely vibes. Have you ever visited the short street in Melrose Place? It is known for people's sightings! Do explore the jewelry stores and buy some gifts for your women. Food options are also tasteful and affordable! For the hookah lovers, there is a hookah lounge! Melrose Place Los Angeles shopping stores will satisfy all your needs. 


10 Best Restaurants in Los Angeles


  1. Roll Call - Koreatown


Korea and Japan are best known for their cuisines and Korean chefs brought it to L.A. downtown in the shape of the roll call. You can order any one of the items for free from the menu every day. Try roll call sushi and many more Korean Foods from this amazing restaurant. This sushi ktown is super famous!! 

  1. WaBa Grill


Do you like grilled food? Watch your way to WaBa Grill and order your favorite steaks. The menu is interesting and you will find a lot more items to order. Waba Grill coupons can be found online or through supported platforms. Waba Grill specials include chicken steaks and beef steaks. 


Granville restaurant is a top choice for people in L.A. Chicken salad is the high-rated food at Granville Los Angeles along with brisket breakfast tacos. The taste is unmatched and prices are very affordable and the serving amount is pretty good. The environment is neat and the staff is cooperative and welcoming at Granville West Hollywood. 


  1. Running Goose


The most beautiful restaurant in L.A.! The ambiance is super engaging and peaceful. Running Goose Hollywood is a Latin place that has multiple offerings while managing good service quality with a fast turnaround time. You have to pay for your vehicle to be parked in Running Goose Los Angeles. Not just the interior but also the food compliments the existence of the running goose. Do order Duch, Short rib, Pickled red onion, and crisp corn tortilla as they are the most liked foods. Apart from the main meal, you can try salads. 

  1. L’Antica Pizzeria Da Michele


Feeling crazy about eating Napoleon Pizza? Then visit l'antica pizzeria da michele! Margarita is a top-rated food at Antica Pizzeria da Michele and you will end up liking the crust. However, you may not like the prices as they are selling their food expensively. Both indoor and outdoor sitting areas are available at Pizzeria da Michele and you may choose any. 


  1. Met Him At A Bar


Is pasta your favorite food? Are you still feeling crazy for a tasteful spoon of pasta? Then there is the clue!! Go to Met Him At A Bar and enjoy ordering pasta. You may suffer confusion about the parking area but it is better to park in the streets. The ambiance is great and you will love being there. Service quality is also premium and you will wish that you may have met her at a bar! The decorations are pretty good and comfortable. Cleanliness is guaranteed! Met her at a bar menu that encompasses everything you can count from appetizers to desserts. 

  1. Republique


Have you heard the name Republique Los Angeles? It offers delicious tastes from coffee to brunches. Have you tried mimosas and pastries from the Republique menu? It's a must! Both indoor and outdoor sitting areas of the Republique restaurant are open to the public however it is more pretty inside. 


  1. King Chang - LA


King’s Chinese Koreatown doesn't mean that King Chang is your chef but this restaurant honors you like you are entering the palace of a king. So, you get an ideal service here. Food quality is also fine as this restaurant is one of the Korean restaurants in LA. 

  1. Toca Madera - Los Angeles


Toca Madera is the place you have been searching for! So let's embrace yourself with a great dining experience offering a bonfire, live music, and unmatched ambiance. It's a lavish Mexican steakhouse that will superbly satisfy your taste buds. Luckily a gluten-allergic individual and vegetarians can also come to eat here as the Toca Madera menu varies. Toca Madera Scottsdale is the best place to visit!! 


  1. Sun Nong Dan


Sun nong dan Los Angeles is here to welcome the hungry and thirsty tourists in L.A. It is a small, busy place and you will love sitting longer after having the meal. The service is of high quality with super tasty food. So it is highly recommended that you visit this sun nong dan as a first choice! 

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This blog post is a detailed guide for the enthusiastic tourists willing to visit L.A. Do let us know which you liked and tried and also how was your experience. If you need any more information or help, drop a comment. To find the highest-rated hotels in Los Angeles, you can read this article.



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